Sorry for the lack posts for the past weeks. Midterms, projects, and life have been keeping me busy from writing. Also my other laptop died along with a couple of new writings i planned on posting, so expect something to be posted by the end of the week or so.


The sky can be such a beautiful sight at the dead of night. I remember many times as a kid when I would avoid sleep just so that I could stare at that little ‘light show’. I believe I got this addiction from my mother, because there were so many times where we caught ourselves … Continue reading Constellations

Broken but Beautiful

There is something beautiful about the broken,Because no matter how many times we chip, crash, shatter, crack;We always put ourselves back together.We put ourselves back together so many times with Elmer’s glue that we begin to look like a mosaicMade up of the broken pieces of ourselves.Our heartbreaks, sleepless nights, internal fights, & suicidal thoughts … Continue reading Broken but Beautiful

The Void

Surrounded by Darkness - by cheetahdiago You are surrounded…Shadows closing in The room getting darkerGetting harder to breathYour heart is racingAnd with every approaching stepYour anxiety increases… You feel trapped…Hopeless against the enveloping darknessYou scream but no one can hear your criesQuestioning if this is how you will come to dieYour light slowly being engulfed … Continue reading The Void


The Time - Artwork by Andriandreo Time heals all woundsYour cuts, your bruisesAll things that were left undesired,These will all eventually fadeSuch as the mistakes you’ve madeOr the names you’ve been labeledThese days will all eventually pass; However, not all wounds heal at the same rate;Your gashes, your broken bones,Things that were as much so … Continue reading Time